Highest honorary distinction from the Federation of Industries of Greece

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The highest honorary award of “REGIONAL EXCELLENCE” was awarded to the company CHRYSAFIS SA, in the context of the HELLENIC VALUE 2019 awards, by the FEDERATION OF INDUSTRIES OF GREECE in Thessaloniki (SBE)

Within the framework of this institution, the most innovative, competitive, and dynamic Greek processing industries of the future are awarded, after a special scientific pan-Hellenic evaluation. This year, together with the company CHRYSAFIS ABEE, large and renowned industries such as Dodoni, Pindos, Mastic of Chios, Soy Hellas, Lux, Papastratos, Pfizer, Eurochartiki and 10 other companies were awarded.

This highest honor for CHRYSAFIS SA, is the reward of many years, systematic, innovative effort of the company and its people, to make the local traditional products of Lemnos brand name of high added value with significant sales locally and internationally, and the company unique in size and quality vertically local business of production and promotion of local food.

This honorary award gives the company impetus and courage to continue even more, in collaboration with local agencies such as the university, in the development, promotion and promotion of local traditional products for the good of our place and our country.

In the photo: The President & CEO of CHRYSAFIS SA Michalis Chrysafis receives the award from the President of the Chamber of Crafts of Thessaloniki

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